What About Us?

Travel Aficionados. Service Fanatics.

We're changing the way travellers experience the world's top destinations.

For us, travel is essential. It allows us to step outside the everyday and experience something new; to gain perspective through the lens of other cultures; to enrich our lives with the people we meet and the stories we collect along the way.

We started Host & Lodger to make it easier to cater to home owners by providing them with a seamless experience to host guests. Our aim is to bring a 5-star hotel level of experience from seamless check-in to check-out. In between we will make sure your guests get clean linen, an immaculately cleaned property and all the services offered by a professional concierge provider from booking restaurants to going on a safari.


Home meets Hotel

  • In person check-in and check-out
  • Professional cleaning
  • Fresh linen and toiletries
  • Free wifi
  • Concierge services